There was a young boy we’ll call Wade

There was a young boy, we’ll call Wade,

who grew up on a farm baling hay.

Before he could farm his dad drove a truck.

His mom had good looks. Oh, what luck!

Together they made seven young’uns.

Wade came in at number four just for fun.

He was a good kid more often than not.

Good grades would be his, no brain rot.

A dream was repeated, don’t know why,

but Wade saw himself able to fly.

He thought to himself, when he was stable,

“When Jesus wants me to fly I’ll be able.”

He knew all too well the law of gravity.

So, he didn’t take the dreams very literally.

“Jesus has a plan. I’ll wait and see.

What exactly that is, sure beats me.”

So he followed the Lord every day of his life.

Found a red-head at Bible college for his wife.

Earned his income mostly from driving a truck.

When it came to being a dad he had no luck.

They moved around in search of success.

Finally ended up in Plano, Texas.

Thoughts fell into place in his forties

from some radio sayings while in cities.

Wade thought he could put these in a sermon.

Although, a church to preach at was a problem.

One day God spoke to him without a look.

“It’s not a sermon, but, merely a book.”

Wade started to say, “But, I never wrote…”

But, the objection got caught in his throat.

“Lord, if that’s You, then, I’ll write.”

So he took paper and pencil, yeah, that’s right.

The story that flowed blew Wade away.

“This ain’t coming from me. There’s no way.”

“It must be the Spirit.” Wade started to cry.

He thought back to those dreams he could fly.

“Lord, if You use me this way I’ll do my part

to further You kingdom with all my heart.

These words are all Yours, as am I.

Please keep giving me verses I can ply.

This mission is pure. I will not cease.

Jesus must increase I must decrease.”

So he sits at his computer to blog a post.

Praying someone reads it who needs a boost.

“If they’re happier because I made them smile,

but miss Jesus then it’s not worth my while.

It’s not for me alone I tell a story.

It’s God who must receive all the glory.

He gave me this writing gift to declare

Jesus died for everyone everywhere.

So I’ll continue to weave words together

so folks can live in heaven forever.

I hope you see Jesus and not me

in whatever I write that you read.

I’m not concerned about awards when I’m done.

I truly write for an audience of One.

I know many will consider me a fool,

but, they’re not the one who gave me this tool.

I pray Jesus is real for you in the end

and that you, too, consider Him your best-friend.

If you do please tell me when we’re in heaven

where Jesus will be giving us all His lovin’.

His smile will be my best reward.

Better than anything offered by this world.”


How the feeding of the 5,000 really went down.

When Jesus finished preaching He looked over at Phillip. “This is your neck of the woods. Do you know of any restaurants that’ll deliver to a crowd this size?”

Phillip looked at Judas Iscariot. Judas shook his head. “I’m afraid we don’t have enough money to cover that much food, Sir.”

Jesus smiled. “So, what do we have?”

Andrew came up to Him carrying a sack. He opened the bag and peered inside. “It looks like five barley loaves and two small fish. But, what good is that going to do with this many people?”

The boy behind him tried to grab his lunch back. “Wait a minute, mister. I said Jesus could have my lunch. I ain’t gonna share with everybody.”

Jesus squatted down and looked the boy in the eye. “Do you trust Me with your lunch?”

The lad nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

“Rejoin your parents and be amazed.”

The boy ran off. Jesus stood and took the sack from Andrew. “I want you guys to have the people sit in groups of fifty. Then come back here and grab a basket.”

The disciples walked off and informed the people of the plan, even though they didn’t understand it themselves.

Bartholomew walked toward Matthew, who was counting heads in the groups near him. “We have 47 in this group and 52 over here. I need two of you to move over here. Does anybody have one extra person in a group? I’m one short of fifty now.”

Bart grabbed Matt’s arms. “We don’t need to be that exact. Round numbers will do. The Romans aren’t looking over your shoulder any more. Relax.”

Matthew stared at him. “When Jesus says He wants fifty in a group I want to make sure He gets what He asks for. That’s all.”

Bartholomew shook his head. The other disciples walked by them. “Come on you two. Let’s see where Jesus got twelve baskets from.”

When the twelve reached Jesus He had four stacks of three baskets setting around Him. Nobody asked where they came from. The bread and fish were laid out on a rock in front of Him.

Jesus waited until each man held a basket before He looked up. “Abba, we thank You for this opportunity to glorify You with what’s about to happen.”

He looked at His disciples. “I want each of you to come by and fill your basket. After the people have eaten all they want send them home. I want you to gather the left-over bread and bring it back here. Understand?”

Both Judases stifled a laugh. Matthew looked at Bartholomew.

Bart shrugged. “Don’t look at me. He’s the rabbi. Just do what He says.”

Matthew was the closest to Jesus, so he stepped up first. Jesus dropped a loaf of bread and one fish in his basket. Matthew stared into his basket before he walked off.

Jesus tapped him on the shoulder. “Excuse me, but, you have one too many fish in your basket. I need you to share with the others if you don’t mind.”

Jesus looked at Bartholomew and winked.

When Matthew turned around he almost dropped his basket from the extra weight that suddenly appeared. His jaw dropped as he looked into a full basket.

Jesus took one of the fish out and placed it in Bartholomew’s basket along with a loaf of bread.

As he stepped away his basket filled to the top. This repeated until each man marched off with a full basket to his designated sector of people and nothing was left in front of Jesus.

Each man returned about a half hour later with their basket full of bread fragments.

Jesus shook His head. “You guys were supposed to share with everybody just like the boy did.”

Peter set his basket down. “Everyone said they were full. How did You do this?”

Matthew set his basket next to Peter’s. “How are we going to account for this overage?”

Judas Iscariot chewed on a piece of bread. “I was thinking we could take this over to the next village and sell it to raise some much-needed funds.”

Jesus sat down and enjoyed a piece of bread, too.


Imagine how thick your Bible would be if all this extra material hadn’t been edited out by the original publisher. If you saw the first draft of any story and compared it to what gets published you’d see that I’m probably not very far off base here.

I enjoy making fun of these clueless followers of Jesus, not that I would have done any better than they did trying to keep up with God-in-a-human-body.

We’re so familiar with these Bible stories we know what’s going to happen next. They didn’t have the advantage of reading about Jesus before this all happened.

So cut them some slack and don’t be amazed when Jesus steps in and performs a miracle in your life when you least expect it.

He can and still does…on His timetable.

Keep smiling.   Wade

T’was the Middle of Winter

T’was the middle of winter and all across the land

Everybody remembered when they had the use of their hands.

It started that very cold day their fingers went numb

and continued into the time they lost the use of their thumbs.

What happened to their feet the Lord only knows

but somehow now they can’t even feel their own toes.

To venture outside takes five minutes to prep.

With so many layers it’s hard to take even a step.

To save the boots for last I’ve learned a new thing

it’s difficult to bend down to tie both of the strings.

The snow sure looks pretty from a vantage inside.

The shoveling challenge means the path is not wide.

Depression sets in for those who have SADD.

They long for a warm sun to again make them glad.

This planet is cursed, the Bible says so,

and God has a plan for everything, I know.

There’s a purpose for even this very cold season

God makes you to slow down, that’s His main reason.

You see, there’s a time for each day that we breathe

when we should stop and listen for His voice we still need.

Most days we’re too focused on our mission on earth

we think it’s all about how we measure our own worth.

God uses this cold season to get us to stop

and strain to receive Him so we produce our own crop.

Jesus explained in Him we must learn to abide.

The best way is a steady intake of His Word deep inside.

So don’t keep on going your own frantic pace.

God’s timing is still eternal. This isn’t a real race.

A relationship with God is always His plan.

That’s why He came as Jesus in the form of a man.

His death on the cross, as cruel as it was,

showed the depth of His grace and breadth of His love.

The proof of His power came the day He arose

from the cold grave of death, now everyone knows.

The gift of the ages is offered to each person

who sees their need for this Savior, God’s own Son.

I pray you will take this gift from your Maker

Because you don’t know when you’ll need an undertaker.

You see this great offer has a time it expires.

It happens at the very time you ultimately retire.

Your time on earth comes with a choice you must make.

Will you live for yourself, or from heaven partake?

If you choose to ignore God while walking this earth

He’ll take it as your choice to live without Him forever.

Your existence is fraught with this ultimate test.

If you take Jesus now you will always be blessed.

My mission is to made clear, I give words to tell

so you don’t end up, my friend, in the literal Hell.

Once you cross the threshold known only as death

your destiny is secured, so here’s my request.

Give Jesus your life and live at peace with God

so we’ll see each other when in Heaven we trod.

See what happens when you fill your mind with God’s thoughts.

Last month we saw what happened to me when I filled my belly with empty calories. This month let’s see what happens when the opposite is done with what goes into our minds.

Keep smiling.   Wade

Happy Chocolate Cake Day everybody!!!

My life just got a LOT easier. Especially when it comes to ideas on what to write about on this here sometimes funny humor blog.

I just found a link to a site that specialized in wacky holidays. Guess what today is?

How did you know it was Chocolate Cake Day already?

Anywho, go ahead and celebrate by making and consuming a chocolate cake. You read that right, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Don’t forget to save me a piece while you’re at it. There should be some perk for being the barer of good news. Right?

By the way, my favorite it slathered in chocolate frosting. Just hinting, that’s all.

While we’re on the subject of wacky holidays, today is also Punch the Clock Day.

No, don’t go over and hit your clock with your fist. “Punch the clock” is an expression for workers who have to slide a time card into a clock that records the time they start and finish their workday.

I don’t know of many workplaces that still use this technology. I now have to slide my card in a slot on a clock to mark my presence at work. It reads the bar code on the back of it. At least it does most of the time, unless it’s in one of its moods. I can’t prove it but my guess is that it’s feminine in its gender. That’s merely an uneducated guess on my part. Please save me a piece of chocolate cake anyway.

Last Thursday was National Handwriting Day. At least that’s what I think I wrote down. With the extensive use of computers most people do need a reminder of how we used to write things out with a pen or pencil.

I still do some of my writing in longhand. Especially when I’m in my truck and I either don’t have my computer with me or its battery is dead.

I didn’t have a choice in the matter when I began writing per God’s request. I didn’t have a computer at the time. College ruled notebook paper and a pencil began my writing journey. Just glad I didn’t have to carve it in stone. I’d still be at the opening line I think.

For you animal lovers out there I’ll make you aware that the 20th was Penguin Awareness Day. I hope those of you with pet penguins gave your feathered friend an extra hug that day.

The 21st was Squirrel Appreciation Day. I know not all of you appreciate that sentiment, but even the lowly squirrel needs a hug every once in a while. If you can catch one that is.

The 28th is both Fun at Work Day and National Kazoo Day. You can celebrate both at once by bringing your kazoo with you to work and annoying your coworkers to no end. They may forgive you if you celebrate Chocolate Cake Day with them today. Just sayin’.

I lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan in a previous life. Yes, they like to shorten the city’s name to Kazoo. You better believe they’ll celebrate that day in earnest.

The entire month of January is National Blood Donor Month. I’ve made it a habit of donating frequently. Last year I gave six pints of blood, the legal limit in all fifty states.

The local site I donate to says I’ve given over three gallons while I’ve lived here. That doesn’t count all of the times I’ve given at other places I’ve lived.

The last time I was in there the discussion was on vampire movies. I told them I wasn’t the least bit surprised they’d like those flicks. Just goes to show that even blood suckers have their niche.

I don’t know how much blood a human body holds but I’m guessing I’ve donated all of my blood at least once. I’m none the worse for wear from the side effects of helping someone in need.

The ultimate blood donor is honored as having given once for all. Yeah, I’m talking about Jesus Christ.

He knew the need was great. That’s why His followers couldn’t dissuade Him from going to Jerusalem one last time.

His blood was used to build a bridge. That bridge spanned the spiritual gap that sin had caused. The chasm was the distance we were cursed with by Adam and Eve’s disobedience.

God’s personal relationship with them was severed on the day they ate of the fruit He told them to leave alone. That sin nature was passed down to every one of their descendants. That includes you and me.

By admitting your fallen condition and accepting Jesus’ sacrifice as your only means of coming back into relationship with the Creator of the universe you take advantage of His donation.

God will adopt you into His spiritual family for all of forever.

That’s better than any chocolate cake in my opinion.

Keep smiling.   Wade

Why do we Americans insist our game is called FOOTball?

Okay, it’s the day after the day the two teams are decided to play in the Super Bowl.

I watched part of one of the games. I only saw two players on each team use their foot to kick the ball. Everybody else used their hands on the ball.

Can somebody please explain to me why we call it football?

I realize we have to call it something, but, why football?

Most countries play a game they call futbol, which sounds like football. There each team has only one person on their team allowed to touch the ball with their hands. Everybody else does use their feet to move the ball around. It makes perfect sense to me why they call their game football.

I know I don’t stand a chance of changing the name on my feeble blog. This is merely one of life’s quandaries that has me scratching my head.

Like, why does the state of Hawaii have interstate highways. It’s not like anybody can actually drive to another state from there. Can they? I didn’t think so.

Most highways are on the ground. Expressways are so clogged with traffic they often move at a crawl. We park on our driveways and drive on parkways.

Some names do get changed over time. Muskmelons are now known as cantaloupes, the spell-checker made me put the “u” in there. I don’t even want to venture a guess why.

I suppose the “musk” part of the name had smelly connotations. Since it can’t get married I guess we shouldn’t spell it “can’t elope.” Although that wouldn’t surprise me in the future.

They take minutes at meetings that often take hours to complete. I guess they hope it’ll only take minutes to read the minutes at the start of the next meeting. Only time will tell there.

Why is it when somebody is sick we say they’re running a fever? The last thing I feel like doing when my temperature is up is go for a run. Although, I have found it sometimes helps to break the fever quicker when I have tried it. Go figure.

Do our night stands lie down during the day when we aren’t around to see them? Don’t lose sleep over that one.

It makes perfect sense when non-Christians scratch their heads over some of the things Jesus said.

When Jesus was talking to Martha at her brother’s graveside He tells her. “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me will live even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in Me will never die.” John 11:25-26

Even as a believer I have to back up and read that one over a few times to make sure I’m reading it right. Living and dying are normally viewed as completely separate entities. You simple can’t do both at the same time. Can you?

According to Jesus you can.

Then, in Luke 9:24 Jesus says something totally bazaar. “For whoever wants to save his life must lose it, but whoever loses his life for Me will save it.”

I never saved any money I lost. Once it’s lost it’s gone for good. How…what…is Jesus talking about?

Once a person takes the leap of faith and decides to give their life over to Jesus the Holy Spirit comes inside them to help them understand that Jesus is talking about losing our selfish tendencies to become more like Jesus. Until then it’s just a riddle to us.

This is why it’s important to talk to pre-Christians on another level. They won’t understand some of the words we hear in church.

Sanctification sounds like something you might do in the kitchen. Maybe. It’s either the past-tense of a sink, or, something you do with an old brand of decaffeinated coffee.

Salvation sounds like a good idea to do with a severe cut, or burn, before you bandage it over. I mean, where else would you use salve?

Even if you feel comfortable enough with such concepts that you think you can explain it to them. Don’t start there.

Show them the love of Christ before you attempt to impress them with your knowledge.

You know the old adage: people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Even Jesus touched people by meeting a physical need before He touched their heart for eternity.

Let’s follow His example.

Keep smiling.   Wade

What’s up with the weather this year?

Every winter has its own personality. Have you ever noticed that?

Well, this year is one cranky cantankerous old man with a score to settle with somebody.

Early December had us iced in around Dallas for a few days. We lived to tell about that only to experience more very cold temperatures lately.

I know we’re having a tough time of it when the local meteorologists are saying things like. “We haven’t seen temperatures this frigid since the week of the Super Bowl.”

In the six years I’ve lived in Plano that was the worst two-week stretch of winter I’ve lived through here. I guess we were just trying our best to make the people from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania feel right at home.

Well, I moved here from Michigan to avoid cold temps and anything resembling frozen water piled on top of itself.

The Russians can keep their Polar Vortexes to themselves in my humble opinion.

I haven’t seen an interview with any global warming “experts” lately. Have you? They’re probably having their time in the limelight south of the equator.

A few days ago I witnessed a swarm of robins making their way south. No, there were literally hundreds of these birds–it was a swarm not a flock. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but I’m sure they were chewing out their travel agent.

They have to survive on juniper berries this time of year since all forms of insects are frozen solid until spring. There must be some very bare juniper trees just north of Texas for that many birds to still be living through this winter…and very many fertilized juniper seeds deposited between here and there. Apparently God has plans for a juniper forest in the end-times events.

I thought I was going to start a drought in Texas last month when I finally broke down and invested in some high-quality water-proof work boots. I got sick of walking on the side of my old boots so the puddles didn’t seep through the holes in my soles getting my feet wet.

Last week we had a full day of “rain.” I put that in quotes because it wasn’t a real rain. It was more of a mist that required the use of delaying the wipers as you drove down the road. It never let up. Occasionally it did shower down briefly.

While this was playing out during the day I kept hearing the same weather forecast on the radio: “there’s a 30% chance of rain today…” Even though it was a full-day event.

A more accurate forecast would have said: “We have a 100% chance of 30% rain.” I guess that would be too logical for those convinced that scientific calculations are only summed up one way.

Come to think of it some churches are changing the definition of sin to suit their agendas. In an effort to get more people in their buildings putting money in their offering plates they wink at people living a life very unpleasing to God

“It’s okay. God still loves you. He knows you can’t help yourself. That’s just the way you are.” They tell these lost souls.

I’m not saying God doesn’t love these souls, but, they need to hear the full truth to come to a realization of their need for a Savior named Jesus Christ. If they’re deluded into thinking that God will let them into heaven because they found a church that accepts them they’ll be very miserable for all eternity.

Don’t ask them to get cleaned up before you welcome them into your church, but, don’t allow them to stay in their mire, either.

There are some definitions we aren’t allowed to touch. Sin and salvation in Jesus Christ are two of them.

None of us is perfect so let’s not judge anybody’s lifestyle. We ALL need a substitute to fill in the gap that exists between us and God.

God’s Son, Jesus Christ, is that unique substitute for each one of us.

“I am the way, the truth and the life; nobody comes to God except through me.” John 14:6

Any message that departs from that truth is heresy.

Let’s love each person to God through Christ on an individual basis. Without tweaking the truth.

The Holy Spirit will convict them of their sin in His time.

Keep smiling.   Wade

Have you thought of dumping those empty calories to loose your unwanted pounds?

For those of you who have weight loss as one of your new year’s resolutions I have just the video for you. Coming right up is this Webster’s definition of empty calories to aide you with your lightening quest.

Bon apatite.

Keep smiling.   Wade

WOW! What a year 2013 was.

For those of you who had to face down your fear of the number thirteen this year, congratulations. Triskaidekaphobia is behind you and you can say you lived to tell about it. Now, get your head out from underneath your blankets and accomplish something in 2014.

Yes, the world is still rotating on its axis and revolving around the sun. You see, a number on something you have hanging on the wall to tell you what day it is isn’t in control after all.

God is still in control. Always has been. Always will be. Put your trust there and never let that truth go.

This is the first full calendar year on my experimental humor blog. I’m up to 80 subscribers. That may be a small number to some bloggers, but, I’m surprised. I mean, I don’t often get my humor. I  guess as long as others enjoy it then I’ll keep trudging along.

For those of you who signed up during 2013, thank you. I’m grateful you think your time is worth coming back for more.

For those of you who signed up in 2012, you need counseling in my humble opinion.

I wonder where my humor will take us in 2014. Stick around and let’s find out together…and then get counseling.

Back in February I gave the full story of Martha and Mary. People are still being brought there by Google from around the world. Who knew those two girls were still so popular?

My most liked post was my fun poem called T’was the Day After Easter. It’s the only time I scored in the double digits. Not that I’m keeping score or anything. Merely feeding my frail male ego.

A definite high point in my year was my first trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers’ Conference. I sure hope its in God’s will for me to return there every year from now on. Yeah, it’s that good of a conference. Come on down and say “Hi” to me.

I went on my first short-term mission trip in June. You can read my thoughts on that on my real blog, Wade Webster Writes. I traveled with a group from my church in Frisco, Texas to the far reaches of Moore, Oklahoma to assist in clean-up efforts after the devastating tornado that demolished entire neighborhoods.

The blog world took a scary turn in July when I learned how to record my face talking. My first vlog post is the epitome of amateur  videography. Don’t worry, I’m sure there’ll be more flops before I get “good” at it.

I even had the audacity to “sing” a re-write of a classic carol. What was I thinking? I’m a truck driver, not a singer. Okay, I sing in my truck, but, nobody else can hear me there. Then, again, maybe that’s why so many dogs begin howling as I drive by. It took more time to set up to record me for Oh Little Words Upon the Page than it did to actually record it. Who knew the real world was so difficult?

I’m still an unagented amateur writer at this stage of the journey. Thinking about self-pubbing some prayer books I’ve been doing online as a series of ebooks in 2014. Maybe that’ll prime the pump, so to speak. Look for an announcement on a monthly newsletter to sign up for, too.

I know 2014 isn’t officially a “leap” year, but I’m planning on attempting some major leaps of faith in the next few months. Stay tuned for further instructions.

Thank you to my faithful band of followers. Six years ago I didn’t have a clue I’d be writing more than an occasional hand-written letter. Now I have two blogs that I feed on a weakly basis–OOPS, I mean a weekly basis; gotta watch out for those typos.

This whole writing gig was all God’s idea. Please lift me up in prayer as often as you can. I can’t do this in my own power.

I’m sure you noticed the frequent use of links to past posts. I hope I did those right. I’m still learning this computer stuff. With so many links in one post I’m pretty sure that’s what they call “hyper-linking.” Maybe hyperlinks are each single one, with so many here I guess that would make this a “super-uber-hyper-linked” post.

I’m still guessing at most things in my life. It’s funner that way.

Keep smiling.   Wade

Some random thoughts from a scattered mind

This is that time of year when there’s so much happening it’s hard to choose one topic for a blog post. So, I’m combining a few of my scatter-brained thoughts for y’all to chuckle at.

I’ll start with pointing out that we just passed the first day of winter last Saturday. I over-heard someone say the day’s would begin to get longer now. I sure hope that rumor plays out. I’m still in desperate need of a few more hours in each day just to get caught up. I think I just heard some “AMEN’s” to that one.

With the ice storm we just recuperated from here in north Texas I sure hope we’re also past the worst of the winter weather for this season. Especially since we don’t have our new carports in my apartment complex, yet. I don’t know what’s taking them so long. Don’t they know hail season is right around the corner?

Have you ever wondered how the first Christmas would have turned out if we’d been the ones to plan it?

Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to have the Wisemen show up before Joseph and Mary left Nazareth to go to Bethlehem instead of a few years after Jesus was born? They could have provided a much more leisurely trip for this young couple. They could have called them selves Three Wise Guys Moving, or something like that.

Why didn’t God have Dr. Goldstein  start the first hospital in Bethlehem and save a room for this delayed family when they heard of their coming? I suppose Mary might have insisted that the shepherds wash up before they come in to look at God’s Son. That’s not the precedent God wanted to establish here.

Would we have even bothered letting shepherds in on this whole miraculous event to begin with? People of that time wouldn’t have. The Sanhedrin and Jewish priesthood, yes. Definitely not stinking shepherds. That’s for sure.

Having grown up on a dairy farm I can tell you that we’ve over-sanitized the whole manger scene. Every picture I’ve seen shows a well-manicured facility spotlessly tidy. Let’s get real here. Fecal matter and urine will stain anything it touches. Joseph probably didn’t even have time to sweep the place out, let alone sanitize anything.

Wasn’t God even the least bit concerned that His only Son would catch some kind of disease in this atmosphere? No, I guess when You’re the One who controls diseases You have a confidence that it’s not an issue.

I suppose Mary was too pre-occupied with contractions and the whole birthing process to complain about the mess. But, that may be too huge a leap of consideration. Just cuz God chose her to be Jesus’ mother doesn’t mean she wasn’t a real woman with real cleanliness issues to deal with.

Do you realize that both Joseph and Mary were still virgins when Jesus was born? Yeah, no intercourse between the two of them according to Matthew.

I’ve noticed the Bible doesn’t mention a mid-wife being around for this occasion. Did Joseph have to grit his teeth and do the dirty work of tying off the umbilical cord himself? Did he blush when Mary spread her legs to make room for Jesus to get out of her? Did he blush again when Mary brought Jesus up to her breast for His first human meal?

Did Mary get a chance to sleep before the shepherds barged into their cute little bungalow? Oh, I forgot, they were still in a filthy stable at the time. How long did they have to stay in that stable before somebody actually opened up a real room for this young family?

Do you realize how much more romance is involved with this whole filthy scene with dirty shepherds and no time for cleaning up than there would have been if things had been done “right?” When we step back and view the scene from a heavenly perspective God had all this orchestrated to show us how much He loves us.

There’s no appropriate way to bring God’s Son into the world as a baby. No, this first time Jesus came to earth He was clothed in pure humility. He carried this humility with Him throughout His life. One of the last voluntary events He performed was the washing of His disciples’ feet.

Jesus’ death was even more filthy than His birth. His naked body was exposed for everyone to see on the cross. Roman saliva was as dried as some of the blood He shed from the scourging.

All of this was God’s evidence of how He wishes a true romance with each one of us. Nothing was too undignified for Jesus to endure to obtain a deep relationship with us lowly people.

The next time Jesus comes to earth he’ll be riding a white horse and there’ll be no doubt who He is.

If you haven’t taken advantage of God’s offer of a romantic relationship by then I feel sorry for you. God’s patience may be long, but, it does have an end and that’s when we’ll see it.

I pray you make room in your heart for Jesus today.

Keep smiling.   Wade