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Is it still politically correct to be politically correct?

I have a hard time keeping up with fads, so, I’m wondering if political correctness is still popular and necessary in today’s culture. What, exactly, is political correctness anyway? It seems to me to be nothing more than re-labeling things to give them a more positive slant. Let me see if I have this correct. …

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Who’s walking the dog?

Have you ever watched people walking their dog? Sometimes I have to ask: “Exactly who is walking who here?” I’m pretty sure it’s been credited to Yogi Berra as the one who first said: “You can observe a lot just by watching.” Sounds like something he’d say. Part of being a writer means I observe …

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A dog’s best friend.

People are a dog’s best friend. Yeah, that’s what I wanted to type. Trust me, this is my blog and I have a rambling idea of where I’m going with this. So, sit back and enjoy. I’ve heard it expressed that military people prefer dogs, while artists prefer cats. Makes sense to me. You give …

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