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I will NOT be happy no matter what!

Happy day after Easter, y’all. So, how was your “holiday?” We call it a holiday just because it’s a major event for a dwindling section of the populace. But, when I think of a holiday I picture a day I get paid for even though I don’t go to work. I noticed the places that …

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A young donkey’s misguided perception

The young donkey rubbed against his mom’s side. “Momma, why are there so many people here today? It’s gonna be hard to go anywhere if more of them get in the way.” The older donkey turned her head back and licked her son’s ear. “They sure are making it difficult to move without bumping into …

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T’was the Day After Easter

T’was the day after Easter and all through the house The only one still looking for candy was the mouse. He came across a stash the children had missed If he’d seen the Easter Bunny he’d have given his kiss. He started with the chocolate, who would blame him? The eggs proved a challenge, their …

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