People see what they want to see

I have a suit jacket, or a sport coat, depending on where you’re from, I guess. I found it in the clearance section of a department store. The amazing thing about this jacket/coat is that it’s my size. You see I’m on the smaller size of the spectrum when it comes to men’s clothing. So, when I find something that fits well I have a hard time passing it up, especially when it’s only $20.

Anyway, this outer garment has brought me some comments almost every time I wear it to church. I knew it would be a bit of a controversy when I bought it, but, not like it has become.

You see, said garment/coat/jacket is light tan in color. Not something I see everyday, partly because very few men where suits to church at all anymore. But, that’s another subject altogether.

What I’ve found surprising about the comments I receive is how many older men make some kind of remark about Pat Boone when they approach me to discuss fashion. First, I’m not very keen on discussing fashion with anybody, that’s not my forte. Second, Pat Boone’s TV program was before my time, apparently, since I don’t ever remember seeing it.

Third, and this is the amazing thing to me, Pat’s jacket was white not tan.

I’ve given up trying to convince these color-blind individuals that they’re wrong. I mean, how many times does one have to hold a piece of paper next to his garment/jacket/coat to prove a point?

They see what they want to see. The first thing that comes to their mind is Mr. Boone’s white coat, so, my coat/garment/jacket becomes white to them, not the tan that it actually is.

I can’t control this. It’s just human nature. How much of it is depravity depends on my mood at the time they make their rude comment. Don’t get me started.

Get in a discussion about God with most people and the same thing happens. Their minds come up with whatever concept they’ve designed to suit their purpose in life.

He’s either some sort of cosmic Santa Claus who blesses those who obey Him, or, He’s simply “the man upstairs” who listens to us whenever we’re in despair. He only listens when we’re desperate because that’s the only time we talk to Him.

The person of Jesus is another time you’ll get an amazing variation of reality. This “great teacher” who was the nicest person who ever lived isn’t anywhere near enough to the God/man He is who died for every sin of each person who walks the face of this planet.

Your mission–if you care to accept it–and I pray you do–is to tell as many people as will listen to you the truth about Jesus, the Son of God.

Debating with them won’t be as effective as living a Christ-like example out in front of them.

If your concept of Jesus is a bit fuzzy to you feel free to click on the link at the top of this blog titled “Begin Your Relationship With Jesus Christ.”

Yeah, this whole concept of God and Jesus isn’t about a religion. God wants a personal relationship with you. That’s why Jesus died for you.

When God becomes real to you your whole concept of truth will come into sharp focus.

You won’t regret taking that step right now. I’ve done it, as have many of my friends. We’re better people because of it.

Keep smiling.   Wade


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