I will NOT be happy no matter what!

Happy day after Easter, y’all.

So, how was your “holiday?” We call it a holiday just because it’s a major event for a dwindling section of the populace. But, when I think of a holiday I picture a day I get paid for even though I don’t go to work.

I noticed the places that are usually open on Sunday were still open for Easter. So, is it technically a holiday, or, just another Sunday?

I know, when you break the word down into its components it comes out as “holy-day.” In that regard it is definitely a holiday. You don’t get any holier than God in a human body over-coming death on His own volition.

I did buy a chocolate bunny in preparation for this most sacred of days. It never made through the month of March. That’s the trouble with these floating holidays, it’s kinda hard to make plans too far in advance.

With Christmas we know what day it’s going to be: December 25th. The only question is: “how many paid days off will I get this go-around?” It basically depends on the employer and how well the economy is bustling, or not.

It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to volunteer to serve in the children’s ministry of our church on Easter. The theory is that more people come to church on Easter Sunday, especially young families, so more adults are needed to staff the rooms.

I never know what age group I’ll end up helping out with. Last year it was the fourth graders. We ended up with more than enough adults there.

This year was a new experience with toddlers. Yeah, this guy who never was a dad had to deal with traumatized little kids that belonged to someone else. So, I silently became Wade Webster, the toddler whisperer.

Rather than try to turn into this over-energized playmate I simply stayed my introverted self. I quietly played with the toys and waited for another introvert to find me. It worked quite well both hours.

Noah and I bonded the first hour. I have a feeling he’ll turn into a ship builder someday to save all mankind. Just a hunch.

Marcus was my buddy the second hour. It surprised the other adults when he finally made a vocalization while handing me a plastic farm animal toward the end of our time together. he’ll be all right, too.

There was this other boy during the second hour who nobody could get through to. Try as they may he was bound and determined to be miserable just to get even with his dad. He’d become bored with crying for a minute, tops, before he’d shake his head and commence to wailing again.

They have specialists for those toddlers. He was taken out of the room so Marcus and I could play in peace. After story time and a few minutes on the playground the crier was brought back in the room by one of the paid staff so his dad knew where to find him.

I’m pretty sure this is one of those strong-willed youngsters. He was still unhappy and wasn’t afraid to let everybody know about it. This lady would offer him every imaginable toy in the room only to be reprimanded with a forceful, “NO!”

He reminded me of some adults I know. One of them I know too well, I shaved his face this morning.

How often does God offer us so many good gifts in this life to us only to have us slap His hand, or face, and turn around to get what we think will make us happy?

God says, “Be still and know Me.”

We say, “But, this life’s too short. I have to climb the ladder to get ahead. I “need” that better car to show I’ve arrived. I gotta move to that ritzy neighborhood so people will notice me.”

God says, “Show My love to the least of these.”

We say, “But, I don’t have time for nobodies. I have to impress the elite in society to move up myself. Let someone more godly than me worry about them.”

God says, “Rest in My yoke for it is easy.”

We say, “But, I have so much to do. I have to keep working. I can work for You, too, someday.”

Do you see a pattern here? Society pushes us to “succeed” by being busy, too busy.

God desires to draw us to Himself in a love relationship of intimacy and peace.

Are we all so strong-willed that we must have our own way in this life? Please, stop and help a toddler see Jesus in you today.

It’ll change both of you for eternity. I’m confident of that.

Keep smiling.   Wade


  1. Loved this- “He reminded me of some adults I know. One of them I know too well, I shaved his face this morning.”

    • It’s amazing how that depraved nature that shows up so quickly in children has a way of biting us when we least expect it to sometimes.

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