THE conversation between Noah and his wife

Noah walks in and sets his lunchbox down. “Hi Honey. I’m home.”

Mrs. Noah (we’ll call her Norma) looks up from slicing carrots. “Hi! How was work?”

Noah walks over and gives Norma a peck on the cheek. “I had the most unusual conversation today.”

Norma slides the carrots into the boiling stew. “I hope it’s one where your boss told you you’ve been grossly underpaid and he’s going to make it right with you.”

Noah sits in his chair and motions for Norma to sit in hers. “It wasn’t a talk with anyone I’ve seen.”

Norma tilts her head. “They haven’t invented telephones, yet, so how could you talk to someone you never saw. Were you stuck in a room without windows or something?”

Noah reaches out and takes Norma’s hand. “I talked with God.”

Norma pulls her hand back. “You talked to the Creator of the whole earth. How in the world did you do that and live to tell about it?”

Noah leans back in his chair. “This wasn’t my idea. He came to me from out of the blue.”

“I warned you about working too hard in the hot sun every day. Now you’re hearing a voice you’re convinced is God. What does he want you to do kill all the heathens who don’t believe in Him?”

“No, He’s going to do that part on His own.”

Norma gets up and paces. “So, I suppose you’ll be the only person left alive.”

Noah reaches out and grabs her hand. “Of course not. You and our sons and their wives will survive,too.”

Norma looks in Noah’s eyes. “How’s He going to carry this plan out? Is He going to have the earth swallow everybody up?”

Noah lowers his eyebrows. “In a way, yeah. God is going to flood the entire planet with water.”

Norma pulls her hand back and returns to pacing. “Water…I have to walk to the river to get enough water for dinner. Did God explain how He’s going to find enough water to carry this scheme out?”

“He’s God. He has that all worked out. We must trust Him.”

Norma lifts her hands up. “So what are we going to do? Do we have to learn to swim?”

“God told me to build an ark out of wood.”

“An ark…what are we going to call this thing, Noah’s ark? Have you ever built an ark before?”

Noah stood and grabbed Norma by the shoulders. “God gave me the dimensions. The boys and I will figure this thing out. We have to. God is serious about this.”

Tears welled up in Norma’s eyes. “All the animals are going to die. Are we going to become vegetarians after this? You know how I love a good steak.”

Noah shook his head. “God is going to have two of each kind of animal come to the ark after it’s finished.”

Norma shook free and returned to pacing. “First you tell me water is just going to fall from the sky, or, gush out of the ground, maybe both. Now, two of each animal is going to ride in this ark of yours. How big is this boat going to be anyway?”

Noah paced in step with Norma. “After I found out what a cubit is I realized this thing is going to be huge, something of Biblical proportions.”

Norma stopped and stared at Noah. “Biblical proportions…you think this is funny, don’t you? Are you going to quit your job to work on this full-time, or are you going to work on this on weekends?”

Noah brushed the hair back from Norma’s face. “I quit my job today. I’d rather follow the One true God than to keep feeding that corrupt boss any longer.”

The couple embraced and had a lengthy cry as they realized the scope of what God was about to do.


Okay, so maybe this wasn’t the exact conversation they had, but, it still must have been quite the discussion.

God is still in the act of asking people to do rather unusual things.

Writing is a common theme He uses. I have a friend who is writing romance novels. This guy is in his fifties and has never been married. That’s what I call real fiction. I won’t be surprised he’ll be quite good at it once he gets published.

My writing will quite possibly lead into some speaking opportunities. This introvert, who spends most of his days by himself, will rely heavily on God for strength and encouragement when that day comes.

Has God called you out of your comfort zone?

Do you feel a strange pull to do something that’ll stretch you?

If God is in the midst of it the stretching will be for your better and the furtherance of God’s kingdom.

Let’s follow Noah’s lead by doing something unusual for God.

Keep smiling.   Wade



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