Happy Chocolate Covered Raisin Day, Y’all!

It just so happens that one of those holy days celebrating something chocolate falls on a Monday. Lucky for me!

And talk about a healthy treat. Take a look a the two ingredients: chocolate-derived from a vegetable, and raisins-a dehydrated fruit. So, by all means, help yourself to seconds more than once. You have my permission today.

I wonder how the first expression of this delight occurred. Was it intentional, or accidental, as many grand inventions are?

Was there a time when some woman was mixing a batch of chocolate for a recipe and had to step away from her chore to answer the phone? For those of you who don’t remember anything about the twentieth century, yes, phones used to be attached to the wall. That’s why God invented longer phone cords and, eventually, cell phones. He got tired of people using the excuse of needing to stay near their phone, that’s why they couldn’t become missionaries to Africa.

Anyway, did said woman’s toddler push a chair over and commence to drop their raisins in the warm chocolate just to see them slowly disappear? Or, did the mom spill chocolate on the raisins left on the counter because she tripped over the chair that somehow found its way into the kitchen while she wasn’t looking? Perhaps both scenarios played out congruently,or, maybe one after the other. I don’t know. I’m merely guessing here.

Come to think of it, was the first raisin on purpose or accidental-like?

Did the mother of the first woman spend an afternoon washing grapes only to be pulled away to her phone? Did she then remember she promised to watch the grandkids while her daughter gave birth to yet another great-baby (I mean, grandchild).

Upon returning home from her excursion to help bring in the next generation did she find her shriveled grapes lying on the counter. This would naturally make any woman upset. So, she went on her hormonal tirade.

Her dear husband, being the kind, considerate type, attempted to console her with a logical question: “Why are you raising your voice over such a trivial matter?”

She was on such roll with her delusional expression of grief he only got out, “Why are you raisin…” about six times.

Finally, after ten patient minutes the gentleman walks over to the new discovery and places one in his mouth.

The expression on his face is one she hasn’t seen since their honeymoon, so she simmers down long enough to try one herself.

“You know, if you cover these raisins in chocolate we could retire early, Dear.” The wise man offers.

The rest is history. A yummy history at that I’d say.

I’ve actually taken this day to a whole nuther level in my personal life. Yes, sirree, I didn’t stop at regular milk chocolate, neither, and not just one day per year. Nope.

I enjoy dark chocolate covered blueberry raisins on a daily basis. I’ve made a pact with God: if I die a martyr’s death there will be dark chocolate covered blueberries in Heaven when I get there. It’s the only thing I’ve discovered worth taking with me into eternity.

No, God hasn’t given me any indication that I’ll die a martyr’s death in my lifetime. But, if I keep writing about Jesus it could happen, and since I don’t plan on writing about anything else get your taste buds ready for my treat someday.

Actually, the only thing I can take with me to heaven are the souls of those my words touch so they come to realize their need for Jesus as their Savior. That’s my real goal with my writing.

The expression that preceded my call to writing was given by a radio preacher. He said, “Nothing sets God off in an expression of celebration as when someone comes to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

I ended my heart-felt prayer for God to use me with the phrase, “I want to give You the reputation of being a party animal.”

A couple of weeks later He brought the thoughts that were swirling around in my head into focus by telling me, “It’s not a sermon, it’s a book.”

And I wasn’t on a dark-chocolate-covered-blueberry high at the time, neither.

Do you see what transpired there?

I delighted in seeing God in a spirit of celebration. He gave me the desire to write stories for Him.

Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Notice He didn’t give me my heart’s desires. That’s how too many people like to read that verse. He gave me His desire and placed it in my heart to use for His glory.

I pray you develop your relationship with God through Jesus Christ so that you, too, can receive God’s desire for you to bring Him glory. He has a plan for you. I know He does. He’s waiting for you to seek His pleasure to give it to you.

It may not be writing. I didn’t give God any indication as to what I wanted to do. I left Him a blank check to sign.

Writing was the farthest thing from my mind at the time.

Trust God. He wants what’s best for you and Him.

Keep smiling.   Wade


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