O Little Words Upon the Page

Last week super-agent (at least I still hope she’ll become my super-agent) Sally Apokedak put out a contest and a challenge–re-write a familiar Christmas carol with words that relate a writing theme in the comments of her blog for a chance to get a ten page critique from hers truly.

Well, I came up with a clever rendition of The Little Drummer Boy and put those words in her comments. Then, my subconscious wouldn’t let this idea go. So, now I have new words to fit the tune to O Little Town of Bethlehem worked out with seemingly no place to go with them.

Rather than simply let this tune go unheard by the world-at-large I took a gigantic leap of courage and set up my camcorder and recorded myself singing this song for my blog followers to “enjoy.” I won’t be able to see you reach for your ear plugs, so go right ahead if you’re so inclined.

O little words upon the page how quiet you all look

You line up in neat little rows to stack up in a book

Within your sentence structure your nouns and verbs unite

With predicates and adjectives no adverbs they’re too trite

O little words in front of me you mesmerize my mind

You take me to another world and to another time

You make me sad and happy you even make me think

What gives you so much energy you’re merely just dry ink

O little words we love you all we use you every day

We really like it when you rhyme we use you when we pray

When God made people like Him He gave us words to speak

And then He gave us His own book of Him we’d have a peek

O little words let us use you to tell about God’s love

Of the great gift He gave to all when He came from above

At Christmas we remember and how we love to tell

The present unwrapped on that night our Lord Emmanuel

Keep smiling and Merry Christmas y’all.   Wade


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