Why is it…?

I had one of those nights last week where I woke up at about 1 AM. I was pretty sure this wasn’t one of those times when God wakes me up to give me my next writing assignment, those usually occur at 2 AM.

One never knows what one’s mind will do under sleep deprivation. By the way, I think sleep deprivation is totally over rated. I know it isn’t rated very high to begin with, but, it’s still OVER rated.

Anyway, there I am, lying awake and my mind goes philosophical on me. The question that formed in me somewhere between conscious and unconsciousness was: Why is it that it’s appointed unto man once to die, but we’re destined to suffer a cold at least once every year?”

Now you know why I couldn’t sleep. I found it difficult to form REMs while gagging on post nasal drainage. The next morning, I guess it was the same morning but I’m still a bit foggy on that detail, I checked the Bible to discover that God never mentioned this as part of the curse to Adam and Eve. When did He sneak this one in on us anyway?

My mind wasn’t done with these questions once that one came into focus. No, it was on a roll. The next question that surfaced was: Why is it people are convinced they’re supposed to feel 100% 100% of the time?

Modern conveniences have made it so we can control much of our surroundings. At the first sign of perspiration we run to the thermostat and turn on the air conditioner. God forbid we get out of our comfort zone.

At the first sign of a fever we’re grabbing the best pill we can find to put a stop to that nonsense. To that I say: “That’s nonsense.” Fevers are our God-given means of stopping the infection that’s ravishing our body at that moment.

When I start feeling under the weather I do my best to go for a run to raise my body temperature to help burn up those menacing germs, viruses, or other various and sundry bugs that don’t belong in me before they get too settled in. Maybe that’s just me being weird, but I’ve found it works most of the time.

When we experience pain it does two things: First, it tells us there’s something wrong, so pay attention and make the necessary changes. Second, it tells our own body there’s something wrong so it can do what it can to counter-act whatever’s going on.

God has designed our bodies as incredible self-healing machines. One of the most devastating effects of leprosy is the victim’s inability to feel pain. A cut on a finger doesn’t get the healing coagulants and white blood cells to stop the bleeding and begin reversing the damage. Infection sets in and before long the finger must be cut off to stop the spread of further infection.

Another question that surfaced in the wee hours of that morning was: Why is it people are surprised when they’re in any kind of discomfort?

Jesus didn’t tell His followers: You might have a bad day every now and then. No, He said: “In this world you WILL have trouble.” So count on it. Count it a surprise blessing when you have a day without trouble. They’re the exception.

There’s a name for the place where we won’t feel any pain: Heaven. It’s there God will wipe our last tears away. That’s the home I’m looking forward to.

In the mean time I’m a bit frustrated with the timing of this cold. I made it a goal to put out a new video on this blog on the first Monday of every month. I have some great ideas for this new medium of getting the word out about Jesus’ love. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to record something that would live on in You Tube eternity with me telling people about “da eterdal lipe to be foud id Desus Kwys…” or something like that.

While I’m on the subject I’d greatly appreciate your prayers for me in recording these videos. They’re stretching me quite a bit to pull them off. I’m not complaining here. God’s the One giving me these ideas. I know He’ll give me the power to make them for His glory. I’m merely asking for assistance from my spiritual siblings. Thank you in advance.

I had a few more “Why is it…?” questions that surfaced that night that are either too personal or too weird to share here. So, I’ll leave you with that.

I just realized something. Since I wrote this blog post about that night I guess God did wake me up and give me my next writing assignment at 1 AM.

Just when I thought I had God all figured out He goes and surprises me again.

Why is it I’m not really surprised?

Keep smiling.   Wade


  1. Wade… You’ve got me laughing out loud, all right! Some of my most profound moments occur in the middle of the night (which should tell you something about my profound moments–they aren’t all that profound). Nevertheless, they seem brilliant at the time and I’m often frustrated when I can’t recall that brilliance in the morning. I’m so glad you DID and wrote this post 🙂 I will pray for your videos, which I love, as you continue to spread God’s Word by your talent to make us smile (and laugh out loud).


    • Thanks Deb. I’m glad my writing is living up to the title of this blog.
      I greatly appreciate the prayer support, too.
      As far as talent goes, I’m just a truck driver. God is the One pulling the strings on this puppet of His.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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