Welcome to my very first vlog post.

The word for today is VLOG.

Trust me. I’m a Webster. It’s a legitimate word.

With the advent of the internet comes its own unique vocabulary. A blog is actually a weblog, shortened to the word blog.

A vlog is a video weblog, shortened to vlog.

Using the analogy of me being a truck driver my blogging has just reached the next gear so I can hopefully go faster.

I recorded myself on my computer’s webcam composing a message to deliver to you. Think of it as setting my writing to words, sort of.

I have some crazy ideas for more of these if you like this one. If you don’t like this one then I guess you better pray I get better at this vlogging thingy. They’ll be a lot funnier than this one, but the focus will still be on Jesus. I can’t help myself there.

Enjoy! And keep smiling.   Wade


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