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The full story of Martha and Mary.

I’m about to share with you, my reader, something very few people have ever read; at least not in its entirety.

I’ve come across an amazing discovery of epic proportion. In my search for Bible material to use in my real blog as fodder for fictionalizing portions of Scriptures I found some of the editor’s cuttings left on Dr. Luke’s floor.

Apparently Luke funded his way through med school by working for Reader’s Digest in their department that condensed full-sized books down for quicker reads. I’m going to share with you the full uncut version of what really went on in Martha’s house the time Jesus and His disciples had a meal there. The condensed version is in Luke 10:38-42. Enjoy.

As Jesus led His disciples back to Jerusalem they stopped at the home of Martha for a meal per Martha’s invitation. Her little sister, Mary, sat at Jesus’ feet and soaked up every word of the Messiah like one of His followers. Martha could be heard banging around in the kitchen preparing the meal.

Suddenly, Martha burst into the room, interrupting Jesus. “Lord, do You realize I’m in the kitchen all by myself? Mary said she was going to help me, but, since You arrived all she’s done is sit. We all know You’re the Messiah, God in a human body. I just want to put on the best meal I can for You. Now, Mary can scoop the melons into these cute little balls. I don’t know how she does it, so, I need her help. She’ll obviously listen to You, so, will You tell her to help me?”

“Martha, Martha…” Jesus began, as He brushed back a lock of hair that had fallen into her eyes. He gently tucked the distraction into the hair pulled back from her face. His hand came down and cradled her cheek. “I know who you are. Your last name isn’t Stewart. You obviously haven’t seen my disciples eat. Most of them were just rowdy fishermen when I took them in, except for Matthew. You know those CPA types like everything in order, but, even he shovels it in like the rest of them in the last two and a half years. Just put on a loaf of bread and a pitcher of juice. We’ll be fine.

“Now, you know, as your Creator I know your human frailties, so, you know I don’t expect perfection. You should also realize that this human body won’t be with you much longer. So, put your worries aside and join your sister. Mary has her heart where it should be.”

The condensed moral of this encounter: Being is to be practiced before doing will be effective.

Keep smiling.   Wade


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