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The full story of Martha and Mary.

Keep Smiling like Wade does.

I’m about to share with you, my reader, something very few people have ever read; at least not in its entirety. I’ve come across an amazing discovery of epic proportion. In my search for Bible material to use in my real blog as fodder for fictionalizing portions of Scriptures I found some of the editor’s …

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Computers, It’s a Love/hate thing.

Computers sure have made writing easier.  I know my typing skills are a lot sloppier than they would be if I couldn’t go back and fix my mistakes with a deft keystroke precisely struck. You see, we can’t even get away from the old typing vocabulary. I still remember learning to type on a now-old-fashioned …

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Whose idea was it to give a bow and arrow to a kid still in diapers?

Cupid: That stupid little kid who gets blamed for matching people up in the name of “LOVE.” Who in their right-mind ever concocted such a character in the first place? I remember being a little kid and having my mom warn me not to run with anything sharp in the house because I wasn’t coordinated …

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Do you really trust your weather forecast to a rodent?

This past Saturday was “Groundhog’s Day” in the USA. For my foreign fan club; theoretically, the critter (No, that’s slang for creature, not a critique partner) pokes his head out of his underground bunker he’s sleeping in on February 2. If he sees his shadow he goes back inside for the next six weeks as …

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